209 Group engages Brompton Technology to create custom LED volumes

Aug 25, 2023

Virtual production technology and services provider 209 has worked with many of Hollywood’s top studios and production companies to build custom LED volumes, aiming to create “best-in-class” creative experiences for filmmakers with the help of Brompton Technology.

“Brompton is the gold standard in virtual production LED volume builds,” said 209 group founder, Tom Armbruster. “My job is always to be on the cutting edge of the best, most efficient technology. We do regular side-by-side testing and it’s been clear from day one that Brompton’s Tessera is the superior processor. Whether a specific build calls for ROE panels, Planar panels, or AOTO panels, we always use Brompton processors.”

Recently, Armbruster and 209 group have consulted with companies including Monolith Studios and PHNTM Labs on LED volume builds, all of which are powered by Brompton Tessera SX40 LED video processors.

“The primary concern for filmmakers and cinematographers when they’re working with virtual production is the colour quality, and Brompton particularly excels at achieving incredible colour accuracy,” explained Armbruster. “Brompton’s technical performance as far as scan rate, refresh rate, frame rate, and clear shadow details, that combination is what really sets them apart. You don’t see artifacts through the lens with Brompton the way you do with some of the other processors.”

Armbruster notes that in addition to high praise from creatives, Brompton is well-respected by stage operators and engineers as well. “Programming a Brompton processor and navigating their user interface is just so clean and so easy to use. And the performance is fantastic — I don’t think I’ve ever had a Brompton processor not work. I can’t remember ever having to call them with a problem.”

Currently, 209 group is in various stages of completion on dozens of other virtual production build outs – with applications ranging from production, to education, to enterprise. As virtual production technology is trickling down from high-end LED volumes to encompass smaller installations and a wider variety of use cases, the possibilities are endless for where 209 group will be able to utilise Brompton processors in the future.

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