Vancouver Film School initiates The Launch Scholarship

May 2, 2023

Vancouver Film School (VFS) announces The Launch Scholarship, a new scholarship fund valued at up to $158,000, for students to train in film, animation, design, and beyond. The scholarship will be available to winners who enroll in their choice of program from VFS’s School of Animation, School of Film & Television, or School of Games & Creative Design.

“Since its inception in 1987, VFS has been committed to training students and launching successful careers in the creative arts” said James Griffin, VFS President. “The Launch Scholarship is part of VFS’s ongoing commitment to ensure that its graduates are always better prepared, better connected, and ultimately achieve the highest standards of success in their chosen industry.”

The Launch Scholarship will be open for applications starting on May 1, 2023, with a deadline of May 31, 2023. The winners will be notified on June 14, 2023. The scholarship will be awarded to applicants who display the most creative potential.

VFS is to offer three full-tuition scholarships as part of The Launch Scholarship:

  • One (1) full-tuition scholarship to any School of Animation program: Animation Concept Art (12 months), 3D Animation & Visual Effects (12 months), or Classical Animation (12 months).

  • One (1) full-tuition scholarship to any School of Film & Television program: Film Production (12 months), Acting for Film & Television (12 months), Writing for Film, Television & Games (12 months), Makeup Design for Film & Television (12 months), or Sound Design for Visual Media (12 months).

  • One (1) full-tuition scholarship to any School of Games & Creative Design program: Game Design (12 months), Digital Design (12 months), VR/AR Design & Development (8 months), or Programming for Games, Web & Mobile (12 months).

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