Camerimage Silver Frog winner DP Rauno Ronkainen’s technical breakdown of Helene

Dec 14, 2020

New on the #shotoncooke curated motion gallery is Camerimage main competition Silver Frog winner, director of photography Rauno Ronkainen, with a selected sequence, technical breakdown and testimonial from Ronkainen on the feature film Helene.

Helene is is a story about the life of famous Finnish painter Helene Schjerfbeck (who lived between 1862 – 1946). The film portrays the time in her life when she struggled with artistic ambitions, poor living conditions, the male dominant atmosphere at home and in art society, and her struggle with a desperate enchantment to the younger man.

To watch a sequence from the film and read the full technical breakdown and comments from Ronkainen, head over to the Shot on Cooke website.

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