Panavision Showcases Complete Imaging Ecosystem at BSC Expo

Panavision, the world-class provider of end-to-end solutions that power the creative vision of filmmakers, will return to BSC Expo (1-2 February) with a demonstration of the company’s comprehensive and expanding ecosystem for feature film, television and commercial productions. Along with Panalux and LEE Filters, the array of integrated technologies – ranging from lenses, camera systems, … Read more

LEE Filters introduces new Zircon range

With LED lighting now becoming more and more common, LEE Filters has introduced Zircon – a new range of lighting filters, designed to offer quality, consistency and durability. It’s no secret that conventional lighting filters struggle with fade times when used in conjunction with LED lighting set-ups. LEE’s new Zircon filters are able to circumvent … Read more

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