Bradford Young ASC / Tribe7

OPENING UP THE LENS Bradford Young of Tribe7 is an Academy Award-nominated cinematographer who is empowering image-makers with accessible, personalisable glass and a secure, curated community.  Tribe7 co-founders Bradford Young ASC and Neil Fanthom, ARRI’s ex-director of technology, first tested the “limits” of cinema lenses while detuning a set of ARRI Prime DNAs on Solo: … Read more

Take a sneak peek inside the November 2021 issue of British Cinematographer

The November 2021 issue of British Cinematographer is now here! You can find out more about the exclusive interviews and articles you can expect to find inside our action-packed 108th edition now by reading on… GREIG FRASER ASC ACS ON DUNE Interpreting Frank Herbert’s novel Dune for the screen saw a team with imagination and … Read more

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