Override Films keeps the camera flying with the help of SmallHD

Jordan Overman is a rare individual who combines his passion for the great outdoors with a career dedicated to dynamic camera movement. With an action sports background the cinematographer is quite comfortable taking extreme measures in challenging environments to squeeze every bit of excitement out of a shot. Just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah is … Read more

SmallHD introduces the compact, 4K high-bright monitor

SmallHD has announced the launch of a new 4K 13-inch high-bright monitor. Cine 13 is SmallHD’s most compact, agile, and pixel-dense 13-inch production monitor yet. With its low-profile design, this on-set workhorse can fit into nearly any production scenario. The brilliant daylight visibility and 4K clarity of Cine 13 is designed for creatives requiring critical-focus capability … Read more

Furmanski stays visually informed on Search Party with SmallHD

DP Jonathan Furmanski was lucky. They wrapped season 4 of Search Party just 2 weeks before the big lockdown. For those who haven’t seen the popular HBO Max series, it centers around the disappearance of Chantal which leads four of her college-acquaintance 20-somethings to get entangled in the mystery of how she went missing—all while … Read more

SmallHD to Debut Brighter Daylight Viewable 17-inch Reference Monitor

Due to the success of its daylight viewable monitors, SmallHD introduces its brightest, full-featured 17” reference grade monitor ever made, the 1703-P3X. Double the brightness of other 17” reference monitors, it is at home in full sunlight, and covers 100 percent of the DCI-P3 and Rec 709 color spaces. The 1703-P3X features a 1500:1 contrast … Read more

SmallHD’s Sidefinder now shipping

SmallHD’s concept in multifunctional on-camera displays is now shipping. The high-definition Sidefinder, a combination of HD electronic viewfinder (or EVF) and 5-inch fold-out, full HD monitor, earned five awards when it premiered at NAB 2015. “The industry response to our Sidefinder announcement has been overwhelming, and we are incredibly excited to finally get it into … Read more

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