Last post for Kodak Film Lab’s Horn

After 45 years in the motion picture film industry, Nigel Horn, general manager of Kodak Film Lab in London, retired at the end of September 2017. During his career, Horn held several roles at film processing laboratories in the UK, including Henderson’s Laboratory, under the BFI’s ownership (1974-76), Studio Film & Video Laboratories (1976-86), Technicolor … Read more

Kodak acquires i-dallies as part of ongoing support to the film industry

Kodak’s ongoing commitment to the motion picture film industry is increasing as film production continues to grow and gain momentum. Film processing laboratories are an integral part of the motion picture imaging chain and the ability to offer creative choice to filmmakers is imperative to them. As part of Kodak’s continued support, Kodak has acquired … Read more


Frame Of Mind Post It Notes / I-Dailies Frame Of Mind Post It Notes / I-Dailies Nigel Horn, managing director of i-dailies, says the inherent beauty of film and the desire for creative choice, keep celluloid origination alive and kicking. Well, I guess, as the saying goes: ‘It’s never over till it’s over’. Around ten years ago … Read more

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