Delbonnel to receive Pierre Angénieux ExcelLens in Cinematography

Since 2013, as an official partner of the Cannes Film Festival, Angénieux has been paying a tribute to a prominent director of photography during the ‘Pierre Angénieux ExcelLens in Cinematography’ ceremony. This event turns the spotlight on worldwide masters of light, directors of photography, without whom cinema would not exist. After Philippe Rousselot AFC ASC … Read more

Peter Doyle / Colouring Inside Llewyn Davis

Bruno Chrome Peter Doyle / Inside llewyn Davis Bruno Chrome Peter Doyle / Inside llewyn Davis With a career spanning over twenty years, Peter Doyle is one of the film industry’s most distinguished supervising digital colourist. Now supervising colourist at Technicolor, he is renowned for his remarkable handling of digital colour-grading and pioneering approach to … Read more

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