Soundbites from Cinec 2018

October 29, 2018

Thanks to our friends over at Cinec TV, you can get the news and fantastic interviews from some of the key figures at the 2018 Cinec expo, taking in the likes of Cooke Optics, ARRI, IMAGO and Sony. Watch them below, right here at


Les Zellan, Cooke Optics

Les Zellan talks to Iain Hazlewood at Cinec 2018 about the history and class leading standards that have carved out a near legendary reputation for Cooke Lenses and service.


Excellence in design by Arri

Philip Vischer, Product Manager for ARRI PCA talks us through the new Arri matte box – a product that exhibits superb design and craftsmanship in an incredibly lightweight package.


What makes Sony such a huge player?

Iain Hazlewood talks to Claus Pfeifer, Head of Technical Sales, Professional Solutions Europe, Sony.


The metadata workflow revolution

Metadata is key to smoothing workflows from the capture of the image through to post production. Iain Hazlewood talks to some of the key players in this developing field: Jacques Delacoux, president Aaton Transvideo; Christophe Casenave, Product Manager, Cine Products, Carl Zeiss AG; Klaus Grosser, R&D Manager, Ambient Recording; Patrick Renner, Pomfort.

Metadata automatically records every shot’s focal length, focus distance, aperture and serial number from the lens, and from the camera gathers active image area, frame rate and shutter angle for every frame. Now all of that data is available right through the shooting and production process.


Fujinon MK T2.5 cine lens and SLR Magic Anamorphic adaptor

Marc Horner from Fujinon talks us through this highly affordable lens and anamorphic adaptor package. Built to the expected high Fujinon standards, these lenses have the optical and mechanical quality to satisfy demanding cine standards in a compact form whilst being highly affordable.


IMAGO – interview with board members

IMAGO, The European Federation of Cinematographers has become the global umbrella organisation for Cinematographer societies. See the interview with board members Nina Kellgren BSC, Elen Lotman ESC, and Ron Johansen ACS.


DMG Lumière by ROSCO MIX LED Light Panel

Iain Hazlewood talks to Nils & Mathieu de Montgrand of DMG Lumière at Cinec 2018 about their groundbreaking MIX LED light system. The MIX LED light panels offer the best Rosco gel matches of any color-mixing LED source on the market – allied to a super rugged chassis and intuitive controls. No surprise than that it was the winner of the 2018 Cine Gear Technical Award for Lighting Technology.


Infinity Photo Optical; applying the science of microscopy to cine lenses

H Jay Margolis, CEO of Infinity Photo Optical talks us through their groundbreaking lenses plus their revolutionary Suffocator product. This is a module that replaces the standard rear tubes of their InfiniProbe TS-160 ROBUSTO Cine Lens System. The Suffocator acts as an extremely sensitive secondary fine focus that does so without introducing any changes in magnification when focus adjustments are made.


Gavin Scott, Managing Director at Azule Finance

Azule is Europe’s predominant supplier of broadcast and media finance, Gavin talks to Iain Hazlewood about the unique nature of their business. We find out why an intimate understanding of the way the cine and TV production world operates is crucial to their success.


Photonia at Cinec 2018

We talk to Paolo Di Medio of Photonia about their innovative lighting solutions. Photonia is a very young company, but already creating quite a name for itself.


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