Learn Art Department Essentials at Pinewood Studios

March 9, 2017

Are you passionate about production design?

Creative Media Skills are teaming up with Film Design International to host a five day workshop (20th – 25th March 2017) at Pinewood Studios, led by Production Designer Terry Ackland-Snow, with the aim of igniting your interest in a career in the Art Department. Discover the different stages of the design and dressing process from the script to the screen, while learning about etiquette on set, set preparation and dissecting a script from a production design perspective.

As well as building your technical knowledge and providing a diverse range of skills, the course will include a Pinewood Tour with a visit to the studio’s Prop Houses, and will feature other industry professionals as guests.

This professional training opportunity will give you a valuable insight into the possibility of a career in the Art Department, exploring a variety of facets including:

Script to Screen

  • Roles & terminology
  • The story – narrative fact or fiction
  • The concept – overall vision
  • The script – set/prop breakdown/sfx
  • Conceptualization – creative interpretation
  • Design initiation


  • The Camera – angles, ratios and lenses
  • Drawings for lighting & camera
  • Visualization & storyboarding
  • Researching

The Set

  • Location or stage
  • Surveying  Draughtsmanship – styles & scales
  • Hand drawings & digital
  • Models – process or production

Production Department

  • Reading Drawings
  • Sketching  Set Layout
  • Draughting – elevations & plans
  • Components and Communication
  • Mattes and Miniatures

Production Department

  • Schedules & Budgets
  • Construction
  • Specialists
  • Staging
  • Shooting

The course provides you with the perfect platform to pursue additional training and equips you with the basic principles of production design. The workshop is an easy way to ease yourself into the industry and could be your passport to launching a career.

Limited places are available for this £599 course. To reserve your place for this world-class learning experience, call on +44 (0) 1753 656 168,  email info@creative-media-skills.com or visit the Creative Media Skills website.

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