IMAX opens up ‘Filmed in IMAX’ program

Nov 11, 2020

Large-format cinema firm IMAX is launching its ‘Filmed in IMAX’ program that effectively gives filmmakers who want to offer IMAX releases more choices of camera models and suppliers, while helping them to plan for the format starting in preproduction. It was described as a certification process and IMAX didn’t elaborate on the terms of the agreements.

“This program will help IMAX work with a broader and more diverse group of top filmmakers, sparking new and exciting collaborations that can take advantage of our proprietary technology and global theatrical platform,” said Megan Colligan, president of IMAX Entertainment.

Until now, to make a movie billed as ‘Filmed in IMAX’ filmmakers required either the IMAX 65mm (on which Hoyte Van Hoytema ASC filmed Tenet) large-format film cameras or the Alexa 65 IMAX digital camera. The majority of motion pictures that play in IMAX theatres do not take this route. Instead they are converted to the format using IMAX’s remastering process during post production.

The new program newly certifies the ARRI Alex LF and Mini LF, Panavision Millennium DXL2, RED Ranger Monstro, and Sony’s Venice cameras. As part of the program, IMAX will also certify independent camera rental houses who can supply certified cameras worldwide, starting with Panavision, ARRI and Keslow Camera.

IMAX will select only a limited number of films to participate in the program each year and will continue to offer its conversion services to remaster additional titles.

Top Gun: Maverick, shot with Venice, and Dune, shot with the Alexa LF, will be among the first releases certified as ‘Filmed in IMAX’ through the program.

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