IMAGO launches new authorship rights survey

April 26, 2021

The IMAGO Authorship  Committee has been working on a new survey in order to assess the authorship status for cinematographers worldwide. 

The objective of the survey is to collect information on certain aspects of the relevant laws and regulations worldwide and aims to provide an overview on cinematographers’ Authorship conditions on cinema and audio visual arts. 

For this reason, IMAGO created an easy to fill out questionnaire.

The objective of the present questionnaire is to collect information on certain aspects of the relevant laws and regulations, and, if possible, further information, for example, specification of article or transcription of legal definition. This aims to provide an overall view per country concerning cinematographers’ authorship condition on cinema and audiovisual arts.

The questions are of a legal nature, so it is preferable that they are answered by a lawyer, specialized in author’s rights, cinema and visual/audiovisual arts. Other option is to contact your national Collective Management Organization (CMO), which represents your interests, asking for help and/or orientation. In case no such person or CMO is available, you can assign someone to answer it.

The Authorship Committee at IMAGO is convinced that this survey will provide valuable information to evaluate.

IMAGO ask you to assign officially a person encouraged to answer the survey within the time limit. You can send them their relevant contact details. They require this to facilitate the procedure, especially in case additional feedback is required.

IMAGO ask for the following contact details: name, position or title, society (or association or organisation),  country, telephone number, fax and email. They should be sent them to the Chair of the IMAGO Authorship Committee, Argyris Theos GSC.

This survey aims to be a turning point in IMAGO’s strategy.

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