BSC announce 2023 Cinematography In A TV Drama nominees

Jan 17, 2024

The BSC announce the 2023 nominees for Cinematography In A Television Drama. This award is sponsored by PixiPixel.

The Nominees are:

▪️ A SMALL LIGHT (“What Can Be Saved”)Stuart Howell BSCCinematographer

▪️ BODIES (“You’re Already Dead”)Joel Devlin BSCCinematographer 

▪️ DEAD RINGERS (“One”)Jody Lee Lipes ASCCinematographer

▪️ GREAT EXPECTATIONS (“Episode 3”)Dan AthertonCinematographer 

▪️ FOUNDATION (“In Seldon’s Shadow”)Cathal Watters ASC ISCCinematographer 

Huge congratulations to all the nominees! The winner will be announced at the 68th BSC Awards on Saturday 3rd February.

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