Witold Stok BSC / Artistic Influences

A PAINTER’S EYE Why should cinematographers looking to produce unique creations seek influence from centuries-old art? Witold Stok BSC explores the powerful influence paintings can have on filmmakers.  In cinema’s multi-rooted parentage, painters, poets, novelists and theatre animators line up with engineers, craftsmen, builders of medieval cathedrals or the creators of mass-produced Bauhaus works. 17th century Italian opera welded together music, movement, … Read more

Past, Present & Future of Cinematography (Part 4)

Past, Present & Future Special Report / Cinematography Part 4 Past, Present & Future of Cinematography Special Report / Part 4 There’s been a great deal of change during the time since British Cinematographer magazine first launched in 2004, so we asked leading cinematographers around the world to give us their takes on the past, present and future … Read more

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