Chimera launches portable Lightbank kits for Creamsource lights

December 6, 2020

Chimera has released new Lightbanks for the Creamsource SpaceX and the Micro. The Octa 5 SpaceX Kit includes a heavy duty Speed Ring and an Octa 5 that has been optimised for the SpaceX. It can be easily expanded to an Octa 7 using the standard 7’ expansion kit. Full Chimera Cloth screen and weighted baffle included to help deliver broad, even illumination.

The [POP] bank for the Creamsource Micro attaches directly to the fixture without the need for a speed ring or bracket. The front screen is 11” x 16”/406mm x 559mm, or standard XS, which more than quadruples the front aperture. It includes an internal baffle, full and half Chimera Cloth screens and is packed in a compact messenger sack.

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