Aardman selects Uvisan to ensure the show goes on by protecting intricate props

April 16, 2021

Aardman, the world-famous, four-time Academy Award winning animation studio behind  Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, Creature Comforts and Chicken Run, has selected UV-C specialist, Uvisan, to ensure the production of its latest blockbusters continue during the pandemic. 

Uvisan’s UV-C technology has enabled Aardman to sterilise its delicate puppets, props and rigging kit in a much more efficient and effective way while working under COVID-19 restrictions on its latest Shaun the Sheep production. 

To ensure its staff’s safety, the Aardman team implemented lengthy sanitisation procedures involving wipes and cleaning chemicals. The new procedures became unsustainable and excessively time-consuming alongside the studio’s filming schedule. The use of Uvisan’s UV-C cabinets has enabled the studio to streamline this process, without risking damage to the models and equipment, while also reducing waste. 

Loyd Price, head of animation and rigging at Aardman Features, said: “During the previous production, our rigging team were having to dedicate 10% of their 40-hour work weeks to disinfecting our equipment. This created a noticeable cost impact on our shows, as hundreds of small parts needed to be cleaned by hand, which was extremely time-consuming. The continual wet cleaning was also causing surface rust on some of the steel items which is not ideal for filming.

“Prior to bringing in the UV-C cabinets we had to either clean everything by hand using alcohol and wipes or leave items on a ‘contaminated’ table where anything coming off our shooting sets is left untouched for 72 hours to allow the kit to become sterile, due to not being handled. However, due to the demand on our puppets, props and rigging kit we were frequently having to clean kit rather than have it out of action for 72 hours causing damage to delicate parts. All in all, for us the Uvisan UV-C cabinets are an excellent solution!” 

David Marks, chairman at Uvisan, said: “Our work with Aardman is also a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate how our equipment can be used across a wide range of sectors. We’re excited to play a small part in keeping the cameras rolling and bringing the much-loved shows to screens around the world.”

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