Splice goes All or Nothing

Nov 11, 2020

With Spurs undergoing a renaissance on the field, interest remains high for Amazon Prime Video series All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur. 72 Films gained unprecedented access to the club over 10 months, including the arrival of manager Jose Mourinho.

Splice Post was in charge of full post on the series, including management of 5,500 hours of footage, amounting to approximately 1PB of media, and delivery in UHD, HDR and 5.1 audio.

In the grade, Splice’s head of colour, Adam Dolniak, worked on Filmlight’s Baselight. He explains, “For large parts of the show fixed rig material was used which presented us with a challenge. Variable exposure due to changes in lighting conditions in the first instance led us to focus on lighting players and staff to even out the balance. In addition, post correction was required to remove video noise where needed.

“Where portable cameras were used and shot in log settings, we could apply more range,” Dolniak adds. “In the interviews, the client wanted a vibrant look, with subjects lit warmly, so we used the contrasting background colours to bring the subjects really into focus. I preferred to use the ‘boost colour’ tools instead of normal saturation, which brought out the natural blues and cyan in the backdrops.”

Dolniak’s subtle use of a hue versus a hue curve allowed for quick secondary colour corrections to match the supplied, broadcast match footage with the portable camera shot match footage. Locations were given attention to accentuate geography. For instance, away games were given a different look to home fixtures.

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