Sachtler extends FSB line with new 100mm tripod

October 12, 2016

Sachtler, a provider of camera supports, accessories and bags, has introduced the FSB 10, a new entry-level 100mm fluid head. The FSB 10 builds on the legacy of the robust but lightweight FSB series to offer a solution for on-the-go camera operators working in areas such as news, documentaries and wildlife.

Sachtler’s FSB line of fluid heads has a reputation for being resilient and long-lasting. Director of photography Alessandro Beltrame used his FSB 6 system for The Antarctica Project in the South Pole, where temperatures often dipped below -40 degrees Celsius.

“Transport over icy, snowy, and rocky terrain is very difficult; that’s why the equipment has to be extremely robust yet very lightweight at the same time. The less weight, the better,” said Beltrame. “On top of that, the quality of pan and tilt movements is a basic requirement. It doesn’t matter how well you prepare; you never know how much leeway you’ll actually have in those extreme conditions. That’s exactly why you need the best possible camera support.”

The FSB 10 expands on this tradition. With a higher payload than the 75mm FSB 8, the FSB 10 can handle up to 12kg (26.5lbs) and allows users to employ a wider range of system configurations. The head comes in two versions with different camera platforms including the FSB 10 with convenient sideload mechanism with long sliding range for front/back adjustment of the camera or FSB 10 T with Touch & Go plate for very fast camera attachment.

Action sports photographer Tom Day, one of the most renowned filmmakers in the skiing world, famously snapped a picture of his FSB 8 system frozen while on location in the Alps yet still fully operational. Day, the principle cinematographer for Warren Miller Entertainment since 2000 and an avid user of the Sachtler brand, was one of the first to experience the FSB 10 and tested it in extreme, on-location environments.

“If the FSB system can perform in these extreme locations, then it won’t let you down on your day to day shoot,” explained Day. “The 100 mm version of the FSB 10 allows you to level the tripod so much quicker than a 75 mm. This allows you to set-up fast, shoot on the fly or uneven ground, and ultimately get your shot.

He added, “it’s surprisingly lightweight, which is great for someone like me who is always on-location and needs to be mobile. With a bigger head and stick socket, the FSB 10’s legs can be planted even wider. The stability allows me avoid any unnecessary movement and get great shots.”

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