Procam acquisition of Take 2 camera rental accelerates UK and US expansion plans

April 18, 2016

UK cinematography and broadcast camera hire company, Procam, is continuing its expansion plans with the acquisition of Take 2, supplier of digital motion picture camera and grip equipment. The takeover of one of London’s best-known rental houses increases Procam’s footprint in supplying UK features and high-end episodic dramas, and is the next step in a long-term strategy to extend Procam’s reach into the US, following the company’s expansion into New York last year.

Deal done… (l-r) Procam group CEO, John Brennan shakes on it with Take 2 director Vince Wild

Procam has purchased the complete camera and grip inventory of Take 2’s business for an undisclosed amount, and is also taking on all of the company’s camera and grip staff, whilst maintaining and investing in the Take 2 brand. Take 2’s sister company, Take 2 Lighting, is not part of the acquisition and will be rebranded.

The acquisition of Take 2 by Procam ushers in a new phase of development for the West London company, beginning immediately with a recruitment drive to support several areas of Take 2’s business. Procam will also finance a substantial investment in new camera equipment for Take 2 and is spearheading plans to launch the Take 2 brand in Los Angeles. Additionally, Take 2 and Procam Group company True Lens Services (TLS) are collaborating on the development of a new lens family supporting 4K, 6K and 8K high-resolution sensors, due for release at the end of 2016.

Established in 1999, Take 2 provides top-tier digital and film camera equipment, advice and support to high-profile motion picture and episodic TV series, including US shows shot in the UK. Take 2’s movie credits encompass The King’s Speech (Weinstein Co/UK Film Council), The Imitation Game (Weinstein Co), Paddington (Weinstein Co/Canal+/Heyday Films) and Pride (Pathé/BBC Films/Canal+). Amongst Take 2’s TV credits are the multiple award-winning Wolf Hall (Company Pictures/BBC), plus the well-received productions of Undercover (Baby Cow), Stan Lee’s Lucky Man (Carnival Film & TV), River (Kudos/BBC), Humans (Kudos/Channel 4/AMC), You, Me And The Apocalypse (Working Title/Sky/NBC Universal), London Spy (Working Title/BBC America/NBC Universal), The Tunnel (Canal+/Kudos/Sky Atlantic) and the forthcoming third series of Peaky Blinders (Tiger Aspect/BBC).

Over the next six months Procam plans to considerably augment Take 2’s inventory, which already comprises a large portfolio of the latest ARRI, RED, Sony and high-speed Phantom digital cinematography cameras, ARRI and Aaton 35mm/16mm cameras, an extensive stock of vintage and bespoke anamorphic, spherical, macro, telephoto and specialist lenses, plus accessories. Take 2 also offers a grip, crane and remote head facility, providing cranes, jibs, remote heads, camera dollies, tripods and grip accessories, as well as a digital post production lab and grading suite.

“The future is bright for Take 2,” said John Brennan, Group CEO, of Procam. “It is a well-established brand and its highly-respected team now have the additional infrastructure and resources to move the company forward to the next stage, at home and abroad. Procam has successfully taken root in New York, and following the recent extension of tax credits enabling cost-efficient filming in California, we’re looking at taking the Take 2 brand to the US West Coast.”

Vince Wild, director of Take 2, said: “The acquisition by the Procam Group brings many advantages to Take 2 and our clients can rest assured it is very much business as usual. The combined knowledge of the two companies will benefit producers working in all genres of production. Across the group, they can access the widest range of cameras, lenses and production equipment in the rental market, as well as the latest and greatest technology as it is released. With features and TV dramas being shot in multiple locations throughout the UK, Procam’s regional presence is also of significant added value to Take 2’s clientele.”

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