ETC adds fos/4 Fresnel to portfolio of studio fixtures

November 11, 2020

ETC’S new fos/4 Fresnel takes the most desired features of an incandescent Fresnel and adds the nuanced colour mixing, smooth fades, and LED technology of the company’s other professional grade fixtures. The 15-50-degree zoom can be adjusted from the front or rear of the fixture; beam-control accessories can be added using the accessory slot; and the adjustable yoke enables easy balancing of the fixture after focus. Remote control and contactless features of fos/4 include wireless communication using City Theatrical’s Multiverse technology and contactless programming using ETC’s Set Light app via NFC from a mobile device.

Like the fos/4 Panel, fos/4 Fresnels are available in two arrays – Lustr X8 for the full gamut of colour mixing, and Daylight HDR for the brightest whites. The fixture outputs up to 9,700 lumens and is available with a seven-inch aperture, with 10-inch and five-inch variants scheduled to become available in the coming months.

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