Color Trix launch Color Finale Transcoder 2.0

Jun 18, 2024

Color Trix announce the launch of their latest product, Color Finale Transcoder 2.0, a brand new and improved version of their product that enables camera media to be imported directly within the Final Cut Pro interface. 

In its initial incarnation, this Workflow Extension was the first of its kind globally to quickly import unsupported camera media into Final Cut Pro, and now, for the first time ever, users can import Nikon N-RAW footage up to 8k directly into the Final Cut Pro timeline and start editing immediately. 

The tool, designed specifically for Final Cut Pro users, was updated due high demand, and with over 5,000 users already, the Color Finale Transcoder is a highly specialised product.  

Transcoder, originally designed as a Workflow Extension for FCP, is now available as a standalone application, allowing users to process RAW media and create ProRes files from popular formats like N-RAW, BRAW, ARRIRAW, and CinemaDNG. By expanding its capabilities and adding two plugins that allow direct access to RAW media on the Final Cut Pro timeline, the product now offers a total of four methods for handling RAW media. 

New FCP plugins included with Transcoder 2.0 allow users to edit directly in the FCP timeline, view and cut BRAW and N-RAW clips without the need for transcoding. It also allows users to create captivating videos from RAW stills, adjust RAW conversion settings before transcoding, and assign desired playback  frame rate required. Ideal for astrophotography, stop-motion projects, and timelapses. 

Color Trix Commented,  ‘Since the release of Transcoder 1.0, we’ve received numerous requests to support Nikon’s N-RAW format. With support from Nikon, Transcoder 2.0 now fully supports N-RAW, offering the most comprehensive N-RAW integration for FCP users.  We’ve also added functionality to create ProRes media from RAW still image sequences, such as timelapses, in response to user requests.   

It really is a completely streamlined approach that provides seamless integration that, to the frustration of many filmmakers, has not previously been possible.”   

With thousands of daily users, Color Trix has developed multiple popular Final Cut Pro plug-ins, including Color Finale, for professional colour grading, Color Finale LUTs and Color Finale Connect.  

The release of the Transcoder is the first new launch for the company this year, with plans for the company to launch additional advanced products later this year. 

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