BSC urges members to “Stay in touch and be supportive” during COVID-19 outbreak

March 19, 2020

A message from BC President, Mike Eley BSC:

Dear Members,

These coming weeks and months will be the most challenging our industry has faced in most of our lifetimes. We are used to the ebb and flow of work, the peaks and troughs, but this is something altogether different; the virtual shutdown of our entire workplace with the subsequent loss of income and security.

The British Society of Cinematographers was created out of the energy and talent that emerged from chaos. I am confident that we too will see this through and emerge stronger for it. A Society is a social structure that provides support and information. It is also one in which people look out for each other, lending a hand or giving reassuring words when necessary. The BSC will endeavour in the next weeks and months to provide as much support to its members as it can. We will be in discussion with BECTU and request they keep crews immediately affected by the lockdown informed and aware of possible benefits and/or compensation. This especially so for freelancers.

Since many of us will be self-isolating over the next weeks and months, it is incumbent upon all of us to stay in touch, be aware of those possibly struggling and offer help when needed. This is particularly important for our crews who will feel the pinch hardest.

The BSC is exploring ways to open up a virtual support network by which we can all stay in touch and exchange views, ideas and generally keep moral high. For we will be busy again.

Good luck everyone and stay healthy

Mike Eley BSC

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