BSC Expo 2022 in pictures

April 19, 2022
The panel from the Protect and Empower seminar (Credit: John Daly BSC)

The British Cinematographer team had such an incredible time at BSC Expo 2022! We were overjoyed about the return of the in-person show, another event packed with standout companies and talented industry friends.

Here are some of the pictorial highlights from the show which included some extremely impressive innovations and kit and illuminating seminars.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s Expo!

Look out for a round-up of highlights from the show floor in the May issue of British Cinematographer.


Credit for below images: John Daly BSC


Credit for below images: Richard Blanshard


Credit for below images: British Cinematographer Team


Credit for below images: Kevin Hilton


Credit for below images: Digital Orchard


Credit for below images: John Keedwell GBCT


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