Paul Cameron ASC / Reminiscence

TRICKS OF THE MIND Hugh Jackman plays private eye Nick Bannister in a noir-infused murder mystery romance which hinges on the filmmaker’s ability to show us several layers of reality.  In 2050, Nick Bannister (played by Hugh Jackman) is a PI of the mind, navigating the past by helping his clients access lost memories. Living on … Read more

Take a sneak peek inside the September 2021 issue of British Cinematographer

We’re delighted to announce that the September 2021 issue of British Cinematographer is now here! You can find out more about the incredible interviews and articles you can expect to find inside our 107th edition now by reading on… BEN RICHARDSON ASC ON MARE OF EASTTOWN In this month’s cover story special, Ben Richardson ASC shares fascinating insight into his … Read more

September 2021: The future is now

“The water’s risen up a couple storeys, it’s too hot to be out in daytime (and) people work by night.” If I told you that was a quote from a renowned DP, about shooting in New Orleans, you might wonder if it was someone just dispatched to record the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. Instead, it’s … Read more

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