Smart lenses leap forward 

Being able to obtain shading and distortion metadata is vital to fast, accurate and complex shot creation for VFX and virtual production.  Tracking metadata efficiently from capture downstream through post-production has long been a vexing issue and one the rapid rise of Virtual Production has thrown into sharp focus.  Often, metadata doesn’t make it downstream … Read more

Onwards and upwards

In response to ever-increasing demand, lens specialist True Lens Services is expanding into a smart new space – in the same village where the company’s story began 20 years ago.  Having the right working environment is important in ensuring employees are happy and efficient. This is even more of a priority when the work is … Read more

Finding a fresh approach

To accommodate the multi-dimensional needs of DPs, Shift 4 Cine is the latest innovative offering from one of London’s longest-running, independent rental houses. It’s been a project 10 years in the making, gathering an experienced team, collecting top-of-the-range tools, to bring an adaptable and stylish cinematography unit to fruition.  Established in 1989, Shift 4’s new … Read more

Lenses for every look

Whatever the creative and technical requirements of a shoot, Pixipixel’s extensive range of lenses is a filmmaking treasure trove.   Since being founded in 2003, equipment rental company Pixipixel has built up its portfolio from stills photography to lighting for both still and motion picture shoots to cinematography cameras. This led naturally to lenses for filmmaking, … Read more

Choice optics

Panavision’s vast lens inventory enables cinematographers to find the perfect match for their creative vision.  With the variety of sensor sizes available today in addition to the continuing use of 35mm, 65mm and 16mm film, “filmmakers have got more choice than ever,” says Terra Bliss, managing director for Panavision UK and Ireland. “There’s a high … Read more

The look of love

OSF specialise in supplying camera, lenses and grip equipment to the film, TV, commercial and promo industry and could be the industry’s best kept secret.  There’s nothing cinematographers love more than perfecting a distinctive look that will help tell the story for their director. In the age of digital sensors which tend to render all … Read more

Zooms with zing

Discover how Leitz’s ZOOM lenses can help cinematographers elevate the images they craft to the next level.  Have you tried the Leitz ZOOM lenses yet? For years we’ve been asked for recommendations on which existing zoom lenses pair best with Leitz cine lenses. Although some zooms were sharp like the Summilux-C lenses, or had a … Read more

Lens flair

Optical design is the philosophy of IB/E Optics, who share an insight into their rich collaboration with TRIBE7.   During the early days of its existence, IB/E Optics was responsible for a lot of industrial lenses and creating heads up displays for BMW and Audi. A dream come true for Klaus Eckerl, IB/E Optics’ CEO, was … Read more

Maximum impact

Hawk offers the widest range of anamorphic and spherical motion picture lenses in the industry. Discover their distinctive lens series, which offer maximum creative flexibility in the hands of the cinematographer.   “Hawk as a company feels homegrown, like a family, the effort and craftsmanship they put into their lenses is amazing. Everything is done in-house – building … Read more

Optical renaissance

No.9 Optics is fusing the charm and character of century-old glass with cutting-edge contemporary design.   The Gestalt principle of the ‘unified whole’ refers to something being greater than the sum of its individual parts. In 2022 Ben Mitchell, managing director of Focus Canning and Edward Koehler, former design and production manager of Van Diemen, partnered … Read more

DZOFILM’s Anamorphic Primes

Push the boundaries of imagination with PAVO S35 2X Anamorphic Primes  DZOFILM, the renowned optical technology company, is delighted to announce the release of its latest offering, the PAVO S35 2X Anamorphic Prime series. This outstanding collection comprises six meticulously crafted front anamorphic cinema lenses with focal lengths ranging from 28mm to 100mm and a … Read more

CVP’s European Lens Summit

LENSING A LEGACY The optics look good for a European focus on lens technology as the brand-new European Lens Summit is set to unite the industry’s glass experts and enthusiasts in London from 20-21 May.   The inaugural European Lens Summit is a chance for cinematographers, lens technicians, camera assistants, rental firms, owner-operators and experts in … Read more

Master craftsman

Lens maestro – and Cooke’s Chief Optics Advisor – Iain Neil reflects on his 40-year career developing some of the industry’s most iconic glass.   Cooke’s Chief Optics Advisor, Iain Neil, arrived at his position after numerous industry breakthroughs, patents, inventions, and Academy Awards – most recently the Gordon E. Sawyer Award, given at the last … Read more

A personal lens service

ARRI Rental offers several exclusive lens series that are manufactured in-house, as well as global lens customisation services.  ARRI Rental’s in-house lens development programme began with the release of the ALEXA 65 as a rental-only camera in 2015. Featuring a sensor the same size and shape as a 65mm film frame, it was – and … Read more

Immediate impact

When teaming up with debut director Nazrin Choudhury on Red, White and Blue, cinematographer Adam Suschitzky opted for a range of ARRI technology to help him develop the short film’s powerful visual language.  The working relationship between a director and cinematographer while making a film is crucial in both creative and practical terms. This is … Read more

Elen Lotman ESC / The Sleeping Beast

MORAL DILEMMA Production: The Sleeping Beast  Cinematographer: Elen Lotman ESC  Director: Jaak Kilmi  Production type: Fiction feature film  Overview of production: The film is the story of a group of children spending their summer in a sleepy hamlet, where their only entertainment is simply hanging around and climbing in an abandoned manufacturing facility, until they … Read more

Kate McCullough ISC / The Quiet Girl

DARK SECRET Production: The Quiet Girl  Cinematographer: Kate McCullough ISC  Director: Colm Bairéad  Production type: Feature film  Overview of production and the visual approach you adopted: Director Colm Bairéad adapted the script from Claire Keegan’s novella Foster. Prep began just after the first lockdown when we had that lovely hot summer, so we sat out … Read more

Aman K Sahota / The Hourglass

FRAMING FANTASY Production: The Hourglass  Cinematographer: Aman K Sahota  Director: Alessio Morreale  Production type: Short film  Lens(es): Panaspeeds (Large Format) and Leitz Macro 90mm   Lenses supplied by: Panavision  Camera: Sony Venice  Look you needed to achieve: Inspired aesthetically by videogames in the fantasy adventure genre, we wanted to create a look which felt whimsical in … Read more

Simona Susnea / Papercut

CREATIVE JOURNEY Production: Papercut  Cinematographer: Simona Susnea   Director: Edward Heredia   Production type: A six-minute short film for the BBC Young Creatives Scheme. A hybrid of drama and dance.   Lens(es): Meru Anamorphic   Lenses supplied by: One Stop  Camera: RED Dragon    Look you needed to achieve: Low key and sombre, wintery feeling, soft lighting through the windows. … Read more

Jason Ryan / “Fishing for Love”

LOVE FOR LENSING Production: Fishing for Love  Cinematographer and director: Jason Ryan  Production type: Music video  Lenses: A set of Nikon 35mm still camera AI and AIS manual prime lenses from the ’70s: 20mm, 28mm 50mm, 85mm and 105mm. I also used a Tokina 35mm still camera 80-200mm manual slide zoom, and used a Metabones … Read more