Reel Angels are on a determined diversity mission

Oct 13, 2017

Diversity in film and TV has been in the spotlight for several years, especially women working behind the camera. Salford and London-based crewing agency, Reel Angels, was established by freelancer Lulu Elliott, to promote diversity and support women working in technical side of film and TV.

The agency’s roster includes DPs, camera ops, focus pullers, sound recordists, boom ops, gaffers, best boys, editors and sound post production, who have experience on high-end television projects such as Game Of Thrones and Downton Abbey, as well as movies including X-Men First Class, Mission Impossible 5, Jurassic World and Alice In Wonderland.

“Reel Angels exists at a time when there has never been a more opportune moment to employ female talent in film and TV,” said Elliott. “By representing women we see ourselves as leaders in the on-going progress towards full gender parity across the industries. And we invite others to join us and spread the good news that things are changing. My aim is to achieve 50/50 by the time I am 50, so I’ve got 15 years.”

In 2016 Reel Angels was awarded Lottery funds from the BFI to support networking events to engage and connect female production crew in Bristol, Manchester and London, resulting in work opportunities for its members.

Jennifer Smith, head of diversity, at the BFI, said, “We encourage all programmes which take the lead in addressing the lack of diversity in the production workforce, and we’re delighted to support Reel Angels to better showcase and connect female production crew. This is work that chimes with our Diversity Standards and our ambition to achieve gender parity in the production industries.”

Reel Angels is enrolled on Creative England’s ProConnect Manchester Program, comprising of workshops, one-to-one meetings and networking opportunities, and has strong relations to organisations such as Directors UK, BAFTA Crew, Illuminatrix, Women In Film & Television, plus the GBCT, ACO, GTC and BSC.

Visit Reel Angels website to find out more.

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