Quasar Science joins forces with Matthews Studio Equipment

Quasar Science, the Los Angeles-based LED technology and logistics company has joined forces with Burbank-based Matthews Studio Equipment to create a new generation of LED rigging support. Utilising MSE’s new MyWayGrip rigging system, the MyWayPlate Linear LED Mounting System is built for Q-LED Linear Lamps, making it simple to mount 1, 2 or 4 lamps on a single stand, or to combine and configure multiple plates with optional MyWay adaptors.

“As people became familiar with the advantages of our linear LED lamps they began using them as singular fixtures but struggled with a simple and affordable mounting solution,” said Quasar CEO Steven Strong.

Until now, LED tubes were often rigged using random clamps, tape, zip ties or other hardware not designed for the application. The combination of Quasar Science lighting technology and MSE grip support allows the user to rig mounting plates in any configuration they need, quickly and safely using an almost-endless variety of MSE MyWayGrip accessories.

“We wanted something that would be, above all, easy to rig,” explains Jay Yowler, Quasar Science co-founder and lead designer on the MyWayPlate project. Jay, a Gaffer himself, encounters the challenges of mounting lights every day. “Combining the plates with the MyWayGrip system makes rigging quick and safe. Traditional clamps can damage the lamps and are awkward to use. Large shell housings are too cumbersome when you simply need a couple of tubes.”

Yowler noted, “The MyWay system is extremely versatile and it shows when applied to LED lighting. Whether a short Q15 1-foot lamp or the super long 8-foot Q100, using anything from a simple 90-degree Baby Pin to the advanced MSE Infinity Arm, you simply snap the lamps in and you’re set. Articulating light couldn’t get any easier.”

Issue 99 – May 2020

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