PS-IMS Conversion Kit for Zeiss Compact Prime CP.1 Lenses

Sep 6, 2016

The series 1 Zeiss Compact Prime lenses were not compatible with the Zeiss IMS mounts for the CP.2. Till today, the change of the lens mount was impossible.

P+S TECHNIK IMS lens mount system

P+S TECHNIK modifies the lens-block of the Zeiss CP.1 lens. Doing so, allows the use of the P+S TECHNIK IMS lens mount system. The lens has to be re-worked at P+S TECHNIK. Afterwards you can change your PL-Mount to an IMS Canon EF-Mount, an IMS Sony E-Mount or an IMS MFT Mount and back. Your original PL-Mount can be used as well. All mounts can be professionally shimmed e.g. with a collimator.

How does this work?
1. Order the PS-IMS Conversion Kit for your Zeiss Compact Prime CP.1 lens and a new lens cone fitting the focal length
2. Ship your Zeiss CP.1 to P+S TECHNIK.
3. Let P+S TECHNIK re-work your lens to the new system
4. After the conversion you can order your new exchange mount in P+S TECHNIK’s online shop
5. Ready to go! With your new Interchangeable Mount System for your Zeiss CP.1

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