LitraStudio shines for Pete Romano ASC when filming 30 feet below

Jan 13, 2021

Few know underwater cinematography and how to light the great blue sea, better than Pete Romano ASC. His unique specialty has made him sought after for most major films where’s there’s any underwater action. His 40-year underwater track record is unmatched. IMDB tries but at 159 credits for film and television they just skim the surface, especially considering the multitude of commercials, music videos and documentaries to count.

Romano’s company, Hydroflex makes and rents underwater camera housings, splash bags and lights, hundreds of all types—many built in his own shop. When it comes to underwater, he’s seen it all. But when he tried LitraStudio it was a whole new thing. “Litra is great” he says, “It’s a surprisingly powerful little beast with great intensity, but the fact that it goes underwater without a housing is a really big deal.”

With a deceptively small footprint, LitraStudio delivers 3,000 Lumens of colour accurate RGBWW output—totally cable-free. Complete with integral interior battery, there’s an array of operating features like Bluetooth or DMX control, colour tuning, gel, effects and more—all in a rugged, solution that goes underwater to 30’ below.

According to Romano, the accessories make it viable. “The silicone diffuser is quite useful and the handle is perfect. What really sold me is the battery.” The 9000 mAh rechargeable, hot-swappable Lithium Ion battery stays safe within the light’s sealed waterproof door.

“We just shot a TV show scene in a pool in Los Angeles,” said Romano, “and the electrical department loved it. It’s a great little run and gun light. That’s why I added it to my rental inventory in Los Angeles, and will also be renting them out through Cinemoves Atlanta.” Hydroflex kits the LitraStudio in a compact Pelican case complete with the light, two batteries, a fast charger and other accessories.

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