Instagrid launches new product

Jun 12, 2024

Instagrid announces the launch of Instagrid LINK.

The smart power distributor lets users connect multiple power sources together, allowing seamless switching between them and increasing overall capacity. Instagrid LINK extends the power of Instagrid’s flagship product Instagrid ONE and enables new and powerful applications across sectors including events, film and media, construction and emergency services.

Global off-grid work is currently dominated by inefficient and costly traditional combustion generators that produce harmful emissions and pose health risks to users. Instagrid has developed a sustainable alternative power supply that delivers grid-like performance at a fraction of the size and weight of conventional generators.  

Since its launch in 2021, Instagrid ONE has helped some 44,000 users to reduce costs thanks to savings on fuel and maintenance and to create a more efficient and healthier work environment. In many cases, Instagrid ONE has transformed how users work entirely. For example, in the film industry, Instagrid ONE allows users to avoid kilometres of the cabling that is traditionally used on film sets. In the construction industry, its compact dimensions allow users to take their power supply into cramped spaces like crane baskets, which is impossible to do with traditional generators. 

Building on the positive experiences from customers using these innovative power supply solutions, Instagrid has developed, in close collaboration with professional customers from different industries, a new power distribution solution: a modular system to connect power supplies and switch seamlessly between them. Users benefit from longer runtimes and enjoy peace of mind that power will not run out during mission-critical applications, for example powering communications equipment while conducting an emergency operation or using a mixing console during a live concert. 

Instagrid LINK: unleashing the full potential of mobile work 

Instagrid LINK is a ground-breaking smart power distribution device that brings further flexibility and freedom to the way professionals work: 

  • Extended run times – up to three portable power units can be connected simultaneously to Instagrid LINK, enabling up to three times total energy capacity. Once one unit runs out, Instagrid LINK seamlessly switches to the next available unit, enabling extended runtimes. If the user continuously ”hot-swaps” units in and out as the discharged units recharge, an effectively unlimited supply of power is ensured. It’s much more convenient than refuelling a generator with a jerrycan!
  • Continuous power – Instagrid LINK can also be used to connect a portable battery-based power supply to mains power to set up a mission-critical power supply. In the case of power outage, Instagrid LINK switches from the mains power to the portable power supply in under 20 ms, which ensures that even sensitive devices stay powered without noticeable interruption.
  • Increased safety – Instagrid LINK also offers dedicated RCD-protection for up to three devices, ensuring user safety.
  • Seamless integration with Instagrid products – Instagrid LINK is the ideal accessory for Instagrid’s flagship product Instagrid ONE but can be used with any combination of 230 V AC power supplies. Users can combine different products from different manufacturers.

The combination of Instagrid LINK and Instagrid ONE offers grid-like performance with a peak power output of 18,000 W and a rated power output of 3,600 W. With an IP 54 rating, the system is suitable for all weather conditions. Both products’ lightweight design – Instagrid LINK weighs 4.5 kg and Instagrid ONE 20 kg – makes them easily transportable in just one hand. 

When used together with three Instagrid ONE units, application runtimes are tripled. By hot-swapping in further units, the runtime can be increased infinitely. 

For example: 

  • in construction, with an arc welding machine (5,300 W) users can weld up to 270 electrodes  
  • in film and media, a telescopic camera crane (1,800 W) can be used for 6 – 12 hours 
  • in events, LED light (0.4kW) can provide 15 hours of full brightness 
  • in emergency services, a submersible pump (5,300 W) can pump approximately 165,000 L of water

Like Instagrid ONE, Instagrid LINK has been tested under tough conditions in the field with our customers over the past 6 months.  

Ekrem Telseren, Service Technician at Ludwigsburg City Technical Services, expressed his delight at using Instagrid LINK: “You can work flexibly. You can take this small device anywhere. With the Instagrid LINK we can now work all day on the construction site. I have only had positive experiences with it and can no longer work without this device”.

Sebastian Berning, Co-CEO and Co-Founder: “After innovating the world’s most advanced professional battery power supplies with unconstrained, grid-like power, we are now also taking the distribution of mobile power to the next level. Instagrid LINK is a smart, first-of-a-kind product that makes it easy for anyone to increase capacity for extended runtimes and seamlessly switch between different power sources. Additionally, it enhances user safety to the highest standards, with its three output sockets individually protected by RCDs.”

Andreas Sedlmayr, Co-CEO and Co-Founder: “Instagrid LINK is a transformative solution for customers seeking clean, mobile, high-performance power with increased runtime requirements. It combines diverse user needs from construction, events, film, and media into one compact and well-designed product. Our R&D and Sales teams have developed this product in collaboration with customers on-site. Hence Instagrid LINK directly addresses user demands, improves their working efficiency and opens up entirely new applications and ways of working.”

Product specifications 

Instagrid LINK is available in different socket configurations: 

Output socket (EU – type F) 3 x CEE 7/3 16A 

Output socket (CH – type J) T23 16 A 

Output socket (UK – type G) 3 x BS 1363 13 A 

Weight: 4.5 kg 

Input socket: 3 x Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 TOP® 

IP Class: IP54 

Protection class: Class II / double-insulated 

Operating temperature: – 15 °C to 40 °C 

Switching time: < 20 ms 

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