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On the Cover
George Richmond BSC
on Rocketman

In our latest cover feature, George Richmond BSC speaks to us about teaming up again with director Dexter Fletcher to style the visuals on the musical fantasy of Elton John’s life, Rocketman.

Richmond, son of the renowned cinematographer Anthony Richmond BSC ASC, tells us about the movie’s journey of colour, the joy of being free to be whacky and experimental during the production, and the challenge of shooting the entire film in just 60 days.

Alan Stewart on Aladdin

Having served his time on a variety of second unit work and shooting under many leading cinematographers, Alan Stewart has taken the lead to create the visuals on the live-action remake of Disney’s 1992 animated film Aladdin.

He reveals his thoughts on stepping up to the top role, how a variety of locations were utilised for shooting, and why he and his crew graded as they went along.


Gavin Finney BSC on Good Omens

Having previously worked on three other Terry Pratchett fantasy novels adapted for TV mini-series, Gavin Finney BSC took on Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s collaborative novel Good Omens for Amazon Prime/BBC.

Finney tells British Cinematographer why the look is best described as ‘hyper-real’, how the sheer complexity of the story required numerous period moods in the grade, and the situations where Lester Dunton’s projection system proved invaluable.


Maja Zamojda BSC on The Spanish Princess

A graduate of NFTS and a former British Cinematographer ‘New Wave’ inductee (BC72), Maja Zamojda BSC took on the role of shooting Starz’s production The Spanish Princess.

She discusses the inspirations of Atonement, The Revenant and Marie Antoinette, how a tricky tonal balance was achieved, and the benefits of using a lot of colour contrast.


Don’t Miss…

Plenty more soundbites, comment and opinion from productions by Nancy Schreiber ASC, Michael Coulter BSC and former ‘New Wave’ inductee David Procter.

Learn more about gaffer Lee Knight, rising cinematographer Ann Evelin Lawford, Jeremy Braben’s Helicopter Film Services and LED fixture-maker LiteGear.

And that’s not mentioning opinion from Roy H Wagner ASC, BSC president Mike Eley’s column, a round-up of the 2019 NAB show, our regular comprehensive guide to which DPs are shooting who and where, and more…

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