Filmscape introduces Third Unit engineering facility

February 1, 2017

Having created a variety of bespoke, precision-engineered products over the past few years, camera hire specialist, Filmscape, has now introduced Third Unit, a new in-house engineering facility at its West London headquarters.

Third Unit offers access to custom-designed, re-engineered products and accessories covering all aspects of the camera and grip departments. The products are created by Filmscape’s Renos Louka along with the help and experience of Mike Rosario. Their engineering knowledge and creativity enables products to be designed from scratch or adapted to suit a particular requirement.

Products already introduced include: The Third Unit Runner, a custom-built collapsible equipment carrier; Camera Assistant, which allows the simple attachment of a cine tape to a matte box; Unit Loader for the easy mounting of accessories to ARRI Alexa and Amira heads; and The Key Grip, an ultra-light ball arm kit.

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