Talking Heads

The views of influential figures in the industry, including those of the current BSC President

Kees van Oostrum ASC
“Works of heart”

Kees van Oostrum ASC presents his perspectives on the nominees for the 2017 Academy Award for 'Best Cinematography'.

Embracing change

John Keedwell GBCT says anticipating change and working together is key - in the industry and during production.

Tim Potter GBCT
“A fair camera shake”

Barry Ackroyd BSC
“Truth drug”

I am A-camera

John Keedwell takes in a first-time Q&A event collaboration between the ACO and the GBCT, and laments the new trade show innovations.

Kees van Oostrum ASC
“Let’s get together”

New ASC president, Kees van Oostrum ASC calls for international collaboration between cinematographers, with a view to regaining creative control over the role of imagemakers.

Tim Potter GBCT “Credit is due”

But, is it art?

End Of An Era

The Brexit Effect

Should I stay (or should I go)?

Beyond Brexit

Summit to think about

Spoilt for choice

Fix It All In Post