Talking Heads

The views of influential figures in the industry, including those of the current BSC President

John Keedwell GBCT “What has space travel ever done for us?”

John Keedwell GBCT travels back 20 years and parties like its 1997, as he revisits the launch of the NASA Space Probe and the first iPhone to compare to the current and rapidly increasing demand for higher definition.

Tim Potter GBCT
“Not at any rate”

Chair of the GBCT, Tim Potter, muses on how much crew members are truly worth and the importance of sticking to the unions' published rate card.

Mike Eley BSC
“International illumination”

President Mike Eley's column from November's Issue 84 talks up international collaboration and the quirks of working with different crew whilst on location around the world.

Roy H Wagner ASC
“British Style”

Roy H Wagner ASC reflects on the influence of British cinematographers in the 1950s and '60s on his learning experiences and observations.

Mike Eley BSC “Come Together”

A brand new President for a brand-new President's Perspective. Mike Eley BSC says the BSC must seek to be the voice and champion for cinematographers in his first address to British Cinematographer magazine.

John Keedwell GBCT
“Is vertical a new format?”

John Keedwell GBCT questions the convention of horizontal framing and whether vertical can become the norm, and offers sage advice on the deployment of drone cameras.

Tim Potter GBCT “What value a cinematographer?”

Chair of the GBCT Tim Potter muses on whether cinematographers really get the kudos they deserve for their contributions, and calls for more active promotion of their role.

Steven Poster ASC
“Safety Is No Accident”

Steven Poster ASC says well-being of the crew, both on and off-set, is of paramount importance, and shares details of ICG’s free Safety App.

Tim Potter GBCT
“Subjects matter”

Tim Potter, chair of the GBCT, with his latest column on the wider economic picture of film and television production and the advent of 'infotainment'.

What politicians can learn from filmmakers

John Keedwell GBCT compares filmmaking to electioneering, with observations on how the film business can teach others some essential lessons about making a success.

Barry Ackroyd BSC
“Preserving the Image”

Out-going president of the BSC, Barry Ackroyd, bid farewell in his July column for British Cinematographer magazine - reflecting on the past three years and where the world of cinematography is heading to in future.

Roy H Wagner ASC
“Basic instincts”

Roy H Wagner ASC says cinematography is a discovery process, and it's the cinematographer's duty to rely on their intuition and be able to turn on a sixpence.

Steven Poster ASC
“Buyer beware”

Steven Poster ASC says the appliance of new technologies can only be successful when it helps storytellers.

Problems with modern day cinema & the rise of the drones

Tim Potter GBCT “Taxing times”