Talking Heads

The views of influential figures in the industry, including those of the current BSC President

Roy H Wagner ASC HFRPS “Cinema is Dead”

In this edition of Letter from America, Roy H Wagner ASC writes in wondering if the cinema experience and traditional storytelling are dead?

Mike Eley BSC “Under A Bushel”

In the September 2019 edition of British Cinematographer, Mike Eley BSC told us in his president's column that he believes more must be done to extol the skills and talents of the UK's skilled and talented filmmaking crews.

Mike Eley BSC “Elbow Room”

In his July edition column, BSC President Mike Eley says it's beholden on cinematographers to stress the need of their involvement from prep to post, as well as their collaborators-of-choice, to producers

Steven Poster ASC “Rise of the Robots”

On the eve of standing down as national president of the International Cinematographers Guild, IATSE Local 600, Steven Poster ASC says education, development, and standardisation remain crucial as a new age of technology dawns.

Roy H. Wagner ASC “Embrace Diversity”

Roy H. Wagner says the art of cinematography and storytelling in film becomes all the more rich and rewarding through inclusion and diversity.

Mike Eley BSC “Call Of Duty”

In the May 2019 edition of British Cinematographer, Mike Eley BSC's President's column recounts a conversation with the legendary Billy Williams OBE BSC which struck a chord and led to a musing on the importance of giving DPs adequate prep time.

Mike Eley BSC “Works Of Heart”

In the March 2019 edition of British Cinematographer, Mike Eley BSC's President's column says it's time for proper public recognition of the men and women who create images by academies and corporations alike.

Stephen Lighthill ASC “Resistance Isn’t Futile”

Stephen Lighthill ASC, senior filmmaker-in-residence/cinematography, at the AFI Conservatory/American Film Institute, praises the resilience of cinematographers for pushing back against AMPAS's initial Oscar telecast decision.

Roy H. Wagner ASC “The British New Wave”

Roy H. Wagner ASC gazes back to being a child in the golden age of film-making in the late-1940s and salutes the loyal band of British cinematographers who were part of the British New Wave.

Mike Eley BSC “The giving of gifts”

In the January 2019 edition of British Cinematographer, Mike Eley BSC's President's column celebrates the creation of the BSC 70 years ago and asks what gave rise to such optimism and camaraderie in its formation.

Mike Eley BSC “Credit Worthy”

In the November 2018 edition of British Cinematographer, Mike Eley BSC's President's column got us thinking about the ways in which cinematographers, and other below-the-line departments, are currently getting squeezed out of public acknowledgement.

Steven Poster ASC
“Wait and see!”

Steven Poster ASC, national president, International Cinematographers Guild, IATSE Local 600, recounts how patience can be its own reward when it comes to maintaining artistic intent.

Mike Eley BSC “The Human Touch”

BSC President Mike Eley wonders whether robots might ever take control of the filmmaking process, in his column from the September edition (89) of British Cinematographer.

Roy H. Wagner ASC “Past Present Perfect”

Roy H. Wagner ASC hFRPS says cinematogaphers today have more power, and relevance, than ever.

Mike Eley BSC “Meet… The Future”

In his column from the July edition (88) of British Cinematographer, BSC President Mike Eley recalls when he fell in love with cinema, and why the splendour of its display should not be lost in the modern age.