We put the focus on the companies providing the gear for the latest productions in the industry


Pinewood MBS Lighting has made R&D a core part of its operation and is part of a technology-based 'think tank' to help it design and develop new products. MBSinnovations (MBSi) is intended to help MBS companies work with the industry to come up with different approach to lights.

Green Voltage

Discover more about how UK hire company Green Voltage, founded earlier this year by David Sinfield and Adam Baker, decided to bring a range of eco-friendly generators into the European film production market and face the environmental challenge head-on.

BAFTA Albert Scheme

The Albert scheme - a collaboration between BAFTA, broadcasters and independent production companies - was set up eight years ago, initially as a carbon calculator, and is constantly looking at ways to highlight the pressing topic of emissions on set.


Recent films have called for lamps that would at first glance be considered practicals, but which also provide a major feature or almost an effect, and LiteGear has targeted this market and developed a new style of light made possible by LED technology. We find out more about how they got to where they are today.

Creamsource Lighting

The developing story of the Creamsource brand of high-power LED luminaires began on the backlot of an animated film set in Antarctica, but its roots lie with a teenage inventor from the New Zealand bush honing his skills in Middle Earth. Intrigued? Read on to get the full picture.


With production in the UK booming, the newly-formed ScreenSkills, formerly Creative Skillset, is dedicated to keeping the talent pool well-stocked as the industry-led skills charity for the screen industries. Read on to discover more about their work from their Head of Film, Gareth Ellis-Unwin.

Pinewood Creative Services

Pinewood Group offers more than just massive sound stages, facilities and backlots. Through its Pinewood Creative Services, a whole film and TV workflow is available to productions worldwide, encompassing everything from front-end dailies to DI, from immersive audio to localisation dubbing, and from on-set HDR camera tests to remote collaboration with DPs and the world’s biggest VFX facilities.


Fiilex has a rather unique perspective on lighting. With a dedicated research facility, it designs fixtures from the chip level up, and is thus able to control light on a very small scale indeed. Discover more about what they're all about.

Take 2 Camera & Grip Rental

Take 2 Camera & Grip Rental have a serious commitment to the needs of cinematographers and their crew. We speak to new MD Alan Piper, and Procam Group marketing manager Allison Duval, to find out what the company is all about.


For over 30 years, CVP has been equipping directors of photography with the camera, lens and grip brands that keep the industry moving. But, a look beyond the digital façade reveals far more than a simple ‘online box shifter’.

Dedo Weigert

Dedo Weigert is well-known because of the high-power precision lamp which bears his name - the Dedolight - but that doesn't cover everything the German DP, cameraman and inventor has done over 50 years in the business. Read on to discover his incredible story.

Chimera Lighting

Born out of a desire to provide a kinder and more controllable light source for portrait photography, Chimera Lighting has become a significant name in movie and video lighting, but it’s never forgotten its roots.

Koto Electric

British Cinematographer thought it would be a bright idea to find out more about Koto Electric. Get an illuminating look at the 70-year history of the Japanese lamp manufacturers.

A.C. Entertainment Technologies

Once upon a time, a teenage business grew into a multinational entity offering a vast range of cutting-edge lighting and entertainment technology. It’s been a long and exciting trip for A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET)