New Wave

Meet the new generation of DoPs in the industry and discover their influences and aspirations

Molly Manning Walker

Molly Manning Walker talks to us about her industry heroes, her best & worst moments on set and the biggest challenge on her latest production.

Nick Gillespie

Nick Gillespie's career began when he got a job as a camera operator on local TV whilst at university. Since then, he's worked alongside some of the very best DPs in the industry and his career continues to go from strength to strength.

Yana Rits

Discover more about the native of Russia who studied at FAMU in Prague and the Northern Film School on her journey to fully-fledged cinematographer on titles such as Adam and Eve and Black Dollar.

Simon Rowling

He's joined the Murtha Skouras Agency in the USA and has a neat trick with a Malteser - it's SFX and producer turned cinematographer Simon Rowling.

Matías Andrés Penachino

With a penchant for toothpicks and flashy jackets, Matías Penachino has been on the move to Barcelona recently as he looks to expand his horizons and continue his cinematography journey.

David Bird

With a collection of work on shorts and second units, David Bird's cinematography career has taken off and looks set to keep going - find out more about this passionate stills and video photographer.

Diana Olifirova

Hailing from the Ukraine, former BSC Emerging Cinematographer award winner and NFTS graduate Diana Olifirova has shot over 40 shorts that have travelled all over the world

Ann Evelin Lawford

Ann Evelin Lawford is a rising cinematographer who loves to challenge and explore issues, all whilst traveling the world and living in the moment. Read on to discover more about the Dutch DP's story.

Aaron Rogers

One of the joint-winners of the '2018 BSC Emerging Cinematographer' award, and a keen foodie, Aaron Rogers has all the right ingredients to make a name for himself in the industry.

Dan Atherton

One of the joint-winners of the '2018 BSC Emerging Cinematographer' award and a NFTS graduate, Dan Atherton is gaining experience and learning all the time filming shorts Sweet Maddie Stone, Love Pool and 2019's The Passenger.

Bart Sienkiewicz

Having worked-up through the camera departments, Bart Sienkiewicz saw feature films Solis and The Bromley Boys released in cinemas in 2018. Find out what's in store next for the Polish-born cinematographer.

Will Baldy

Will Baldy found a means of escapism through filmmaking and learnt as he went along - shooting whatever he could and following the advice of his peers to get out there and "start lighting". Learn more about his journey so far.

Esther Vardy

Esther Vardy is fascinated with space and now she's looking to make her name with out of this world visuals - find out all about her cinematography journey so far and her ambitions for the future.

Patrick Meller

He completed his first feature film Boyz In The Wood last year, and now 'New Wave' Patrick Meller tells us why Bugsy Malone piqued his interest as a boy, how he got his breaks and why its always good to have a back-up plan. Image: Ciaran Spencer

James Oldham

He has an EP on Spotify to go with a 'Best Emerging Cinematographer' award from the BSC - it's the musically-minded 'New Wave' inductee James Oldham. Feature image credit: Howard Wilkinson Photography.