Gaffers ‘R’ Us

Meet the Gaffers shining a light on sets and locations of productions big and small

Lee Walters

We shine a light on Lee Walters in this edition of Gaffers 'R' Us. He talks to us about his time learning the trade, the fundamentals of the gaffer/DP relationship and keeping up with the latest innovations in lighting.

Andy Long

Andy Long talks to us about his journey to becoming a gaffer, his trusted crew and working on Christopher Nolan's Inception alongside Wally Pfister ASC in our latest installment of Gaffers 'R'Us.

Tom Gates

Another disciple of Lee Lighting, Tom Gates has been a gaffer for 30 years from pop promos to nearly a decade on one of the world's biggest TV series. Learn more about the man with the 'legendary reputation'.

Jamie Mills

Jamie Mills honed his craft as a floor electrician, but always aspired to push on to become a gaffer, and is now on the production line of films such as The Batman and Mary Magdalene. Find out more about Jamie's beginnings at LEE lighting, his relationship with fellow gaffer Perry Evans and the experiences he faced on some of his most challenging productions.

Jonathan Spencer

Having started at BSkyB, Jonathan Spencer has been working as a gaffer and chief lighting technician for the last 10 years - most recently on Waiting for the Barbarians and Angel Has Fallen, and former British Cinematographer cover feature Ghost In The Shell.

Harry Wiggins

Londoner Harry Wiggins talks to British Cinematographer in our latest Gaffers feature, revealing his thoughts about the gaffer/DP relationship, the instinctive way he works with Barry Ackroyd BSC and why he believes electricians' skills are undervalued.

Carolina Schmidtholstein

Having started in Outside Broadcast in Germany, Carolina Schmidtholstein has worked her way up the ranks over many years in the UK. Discover more about her big break with DP Graham Frake BSC, her views on women in film lighting and how she came to be where she is today.

Lee Knight

The son of fellow gaffer Eddie Knight, 42 year-old Lee Knight is carving his own name out on sets such as epic TV drama Game Of Thrones. Read on to discover the influence his dad on him, why he likes LEDs mixed with conventional lighting, and why he was always going to be a gaffer.

David Sinfield

Having been an electrician at Lee Lighting for well over a decade, David Sinfield took the step to fully-fledged gaffer and not looked back. Read more about his innovations on The Nutcracker and Aladdin, the importance of a whole team effort, and why he doesn't he doesn't have favourite lights or tools.

Martin Smith

It took a while to get there, but Martin Smith is now a gaffer with a firm reputation for taking on big challenges in different countries, including the recent Rob Hardy BSC collaboration on Mission Impossible: Fallout. Find out what Martin thinks is part of the fun of being a gaffer, why he gives as good as he gets and why he recommends getting onto a rigging crew.

Paul McGeachan

Glaswegian Paul McGeachan worked his way up from being a qualified electrician, to the stores, to fully-fledged gaffer on titles like The Danish Girl, The King's Speech and Florence Foster Jenkins. Learn more about the man himself in our latest feature.

Shawn White

He's gaffered on titles such as The Golden Compass, The Legend of Tarzan and Kingsman: The Golden Circle and now Shawn White tells us his recommendations of getting into the industry, what makes the best gaffers, and why he enjoys the challenge of bringing a set to life.

Eddie Knight

Eddie Knight has traveled the globe and worked on several 007 James Bond movies, the Star Wars saga and many more. We speak to the man himself about his lucky break at Lee Lighting, his transworld adventures and why he doesn't go in for negative vibes on set.

Pat Sweeney

Scottish gaffer Pat Sweeney was a late starter to the industry, but has built up a varied roster in the past 15 years, including The Theory Of Everything, The Mummy and Game Of Thrones. Discover his once-in-a-lifetime experience, how he deals with the demands of the job and why anticipation is what you need.

Jonny Franklin

Despite his seemingly young age, Jonny Franklin has gaffered on several big-budget films in a burgeoning career on the set. We talk to the 33 year-old about lighting Phantom Thread, second-guessing the DP and dealing with the demands of the job.