Go behind the scenes and read the views of the DoPs on some of the latest productions

David Higgs BSC / Churchill

The historical thriller Churchill, shot by cinematographer David Higgs BSC, is an intimate portrait of Winston Churchill in the 96 hours before D-Day 1944. Higgs discusses his striking look for the film with us.

Göran Hallberg FSF /
A Man Called Ove

An impression of a country can be heavily influenced by film portrayals, and Swedes tend towards the gloomy. This image continues with A Man Called Ove, lensed by cinematographer Göran Hallberg FSF.

Matt Jensen ASC /
Wonder Woman

Released in June, it's fair to say that Wonder Woman was one of the most eagerly-anticipated superhero movies of recent years, and it didn’t disappoint. Cinematographer Matt Jensen ASC gives his take on his latest collaboration.

Darius Khondji AFC ASC / Okja

The work of Darius Khondji AFC ASC on Palme d'Or nominee Okja has been hailed as a vivid delight. Find out Khondji's views on the film's message, Netflix's backing and shooting for 4K.

Lol Crawley BSC / The OA

Mike Eley BSC /
My Cousin Rachel

George Richmond BSC / Unlocked

Gary Shaw / Tommy’s Honour

Ben Smithard BSC /
Viceroy’s House

John Mathieson BSC / Logan

Mark Patten / Taboo

James Laxton / Moonlight

Charlotte Bruus Christensen / Fences

Robert Richardson ASC /
Live By Night

Don Burgess ASC / Allied