Go behind the scenes and read the views of the DoPs on some of the latest productions

Ben Davis BSC / Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

London-native Ben Davis BSC takes time to talk to Trevor Hogg about his latest independent production, the dark comedy Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - winner of four Golden Globes, including 'Best Drama Picture'.

Philipp Blaubach / Gunpowder

BBC TV mini-series Gunpowder exploded onto UK screens in October 2017 showing the legendary story of Guy Fawkes. Capturing the extremism and darkness of the events that unfolded was the job of cinematographer Philipp Blaubach.

Fabian Wagner BSC ASC /
Justice League

The fifth instalment of the DC Comics Extended Universe, Justice League, was captured on Kodak 35mm by 2017 ASC Award winner Fabian Wagner BSC ASC. Read on as he reveals what is what like to take on the biggest movie of his career so far.

Danny Cohen BSC / Victoria and Abdul, Final Portrait and Disobedience

Get the gen on the distinctive looks of not just one, but three, projects lensed on RED cameras by versatile cinematographer Danny Cohen BSC, including the historical feature Victoria and Abdul.

Linus Sandgren FSF /
Battle of the Sexes

Reigning Oscar-winning cinematographer Linus Sandgren FSF steps out of La La Land and onto the tennis court, as he lenses Battle Of The Sexes – based on the story of the infamous 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs.

Dan Laustsen DFF /
The Shape of Water

Trevor Hogg is on the pulse of the hottest productions in cinematography again, as he delves into the mind of Danish DP Dan Laustsen and his crew about their work on the acclaimed 'Golden Lion' winner The Shape of Water, which has just hit US theaters.

John de Borman BSC / Will

TNT's Will follows the adventures of the young William Shakespeare as he arrives in London to make his way as an actor and budding writer. John De Borman BSC talks us through the look on the TV mini-series.

David Tattersall BSC /
Death Note

DP David Tattersall BSC gives his anecdotes of working on Netflix's Death Note, that he describes as "an R-rated, wish-fulfilment, teen-horror with a detective-thriller twist and plenty of blood and guts."

Eigil Bryld / Tulip Fever

Evoking the time of Vermeer’s 17th century Holland was one of the key challenges facing cinematographer Eigil Bryld and director Justin Chadwick for The Weinstein Company’s historical drama of Tulip Fever.

Mandy Walker ACS ASC /
The Mountain Between Us

Trevor Hogg speaks to Mandy Walker ACS ASC on the many challenges of treacherous landscapes and freezing temperatures on feature-film The Mountain Between Us, released in the UK last week.

David Higgs BSC / Churchill

The historical thriller Churchill, shot by cinematographer David Higgs BSC, is an intimate portrait of Winston Churchill in the 96 hours before D-Day 1944. Higgs discusses his striking look for the film with us.

Göran Hallberg FSF /
A Man Called Ove

An impression of a country can be heavily influenced by film portrayals, and Swedes tend towards the gloomy. This image continues with A Man Called Ove, lensed by cinematographer Göran Hallberg FSF.

Matt Jensen ASC /
Wonder Woman

Released in June, it's fair to say that Wonder Woman was one of the most eagerly-anticipated superhero movies of recent years, and it didn’t disappoint. Cinematographer Matt Jensen ASC gives his take on his latest collaboration.

Darius Khondji AFC ASC / Okja

The work of Darius Khondji AFC ASC on Palme d'Or nominee Okja has been hailed as a vivid delight. Find out Khondji's views on the film's message, Netflix's backing and shooting for 4K.

Lol Crawley BSC / The OA