Learn about the life and work of industry professionals and the all time greats

Douglas Milsome BSC ASC

Whereas others might have retired long since, Douglas Milsome BSC ASC, now aged 81, continues to enjoy filmmaking more than ever in a stellar career spanning over six decades and more than 60 long-form narrative credits as cinematographer.

Phil Méheux BSC

Offering an imaginative and intelligent approach to cinematography, award-winning DP Phil Méheux BSC has enjoyed a stellar filmmaking career spanning the best part of six decades. Ron Prince caught up with the man himself to discuss his incredible career.

Richard Greatrex BSC

These days a dedicated teller of stories with his stills camera, honorary BSC member Richard Greatrex has been an award-winning cinematographer, and Oscar-nominated for 1998's Shakespeare In Love. Of course, the tale of his career is obviously an enthralling one, and he told it to us.

Harvey Harrison BSC

In a career spanning more than five decades, Harvey Harrison BSC worked on a great number of movies with some of the biggest names in the filmmaking business, and recently released his 336-page book of memoirs, entitled 'Check The Gate'. Image credit: Richard Blanshard

Larry Smith BSC

For its latest Clapperboard feature, we delve into the story of the industrious Larry Smith BSC - an award-winning cinematographer, producer and director responsible for the look of numerous productions.

Peter Biziou BSC

2019 BSC Lifetime Award winner Peter Biziou BSC is among the most admired of British cinematographers from his work on titles such as Nine½ Weeks, Mississippi Burning and In The Name Of The Father. Take a visit through his journey to date and the experiences that shaped him and his work, plus a collection of not-to-be-missed advice and inspirations for all aspiring operators and cinematographers.

Cinders Forshaw BSC

Cinders Forshaw BSC has shot five features and has a distinguished and varied career in the world of television, including Tipping The Velvet, Vera and Poldark. She recounts her experiences studying at the NFTS, why it is TV's golden age for lighting projects and her views on being labelled a TV DP.

Nina Kellgren BSC

Recently named the BFI’s most prolific female cinematographer, Nina Kellgren BSC, now an IMAGO board member, has garnered a 30-year career which has brought her BAFTAs along with respect and admiration. Read about how she began her odyssey with Kurosawa, how Channel 4's launch shaped her future in the '80s, and why she is pursuing more inclusivity for female DPs.

Tony Richmond BSC ASC

Tony Richmond BSC ASC has been a DP on over 90 films, working with some of the cinema greats, lensed a number of pop icons, including The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and has produced and directed too. He has quite the story to tell.

Alan M. Trow BSC

Cinematographer Alan Trow BSC has been responsible for the cinematic look of many features and TV productions, including, Monolith and Up ‘N’ Under, and along with his work as a DP, he recently took on the role of director and producer on the much-admired 2017 movie Kesulat: A Story Of Kosovo. Read on to get a measure of the man and the events that have shaped him.

Frances Russell BSC

For 37 years, Frances Russell worked as company secretary for the British Society of Cinematographers, with her gregariousness and indefatigable enthusiam proving priceless in support of the society. Read all about the life and times of the First Lady of the BSC.

Jamie Harcourt ACO GBCT Associate BSC

Son of the late David Harcourt, camera operator and DP Jamie Harcourt ACO GBCT Associate BSC followed his father into the business and has happily worked as the A-camera or B-camera operator with some of the biggest names in the business.

Sir Sydney Samuelson CBE, BSC, Fellow BKSTS

We salute the amazing achievements of a man known to many as “Mr Sydney” – whose work in the film industry garnered a CBE and a Knighthood as well as leaving a lasting legacy and influence across several decades.

Tony Spratling BSC

During his lengthy career, notable cinematographer Tony Spratling BSC was involved in all aspects of the camera department on many well-known films. We delve into the legendary man's industry history.

Alec Mills BSC

In our Clapperboard feature, we speak to the inimitable Alec Mills BSC about his look on many well-known movies including Return Of The Jedi, and working on no fewer than seven 007 James Bond films.