Across The Pond

Our exclusive monthly column from L.A on the latest developments in the industry

September 2018:
“The Jane Goodall of Cinematography”

Mark London Williams was in amongst the hurlyburly this past month, taking in the Creative Arts Emmys and grabbing some words from pioneering DP Ellen Kuras ASC after her win for National Geographic's Jane, along with visits to the ICG Luncheon and a convivial tour of Panavision Hollywood.

August 2018:
Breaking Ground And Breaking Boundaries

Mark London Williams had his finger on the pulse around LA this past month, as he takes in the ground-breaking on the new ASC ARRI Educational Center, finds out from Nicholas D. Johnson and Will Merrick what being a "virtual cinematographer" entails, and visits the opening of Adobe's new "digital sandbox" in Santa Monica.

July 2018:
True Inspirations

Mark London Williams delves into the influences on three DPs in this month's fascinating column - with newly re-elected ASC president Kees van Oostrum making a case for Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer being a genius cinematographer centuries ahead of his time; Alan Jacobsen, DP of Oscar-nominated Strong Island, reflecting on his stunned reaction to seeing Mystery Train by the late Robby Muller; and Nathalie Durand AFC citing how Ricardo Aronovitch led her to study cinematography.

June 2018:
Future Proofing

As another CineGear Expo comes to a conclusion, Mark London Williams ponders on its expansion and 'future proofing' the show and its gear. Elsewhere, Christopher Probst ASC encourages people to think of pixels as 'sensels', and Tami Reiker discusses Disney Freeform's Cloak and Dagger. Lead image: ©2018 George Leon/FILMCASTlive

May 2018:
Diversity, Dogs and Docudrama

Before getting set for CineGear Expo, Mark London Williams headed to Chapman Leonard's annual open house in North Hollywood. He also returns to a pair of fascinating conversations from his NAB travels; with Isle Of Dogs DP Tristan Oliver, and Mathias Herndl about his work on National Geographic’s Genius: Picasso series.

April 2018:
Connecting with tech at NAB

This month on America's west coast, Mark London Williams is all about NAB 2018 - pondering its developments of recent times and taking in some of the many sides of the event, hearing from the panels and checking out the latest kit.

March 2018:
The Awards Season Wrap

This month, Mark London Williams is backstage at the Oscars to get some words from man-of-the-moment, Academy Award winning British DP Roger Deakins, about his triumph, and reflects on those who have triumphed in this awards season.

February 2018:
“A Moment Of Critical Mass” For Female Cinematographers

In this edition of ATP, Mark London Williams speaks to two women making names for themselves: production designer Hannah Beachler and her collaboration with Oscar-nominated DP Rachel Morrison, and DP Autumn Eakin's take on the female landscape in cinematography. He also catches a word or two with DP Bruno Delbonnel about Darkest Hour, and dips into the SciTech and ADG Awards.

January 2018:
“The Mudbound Variation”

Mark London Williams picks the bones from the ASC award selections, including Rachel Morrison ASC's nod for Mudbound, and delves into Robert Elswit ASC's ideas behind Roman J. Israel, Esq., starring Denzel Washington.

December 2017:
The Burning of Los Angeles

Mark London Williams is hot on the trail of more award-contenders, discussing Janusz Kaminski ASC's work on Steven Spielberg's The Post, and hears about the looks from Sam Levy onLady Bird, and Toby Oliver's take on a pair of 2017 horror films.

November 2017:
The Right Amount Of Grain

A lively period for Mark London Williams this past month, as he visits the former Eastman Kodak Building that now homes the Sim Group, muses on the outcome of the Engineering Emmys, and talks to another two "likelies" for award nomination - Rachel Morrison on Mudbound and Ed Lachman's Wonderstruck.

October 2017:
Invention and Re-invention

This month, Mark London Williams is on the road to talk to the president of Chapman/Leonard at their LA facility, on the Oscars trail speaking to The Shape Of Water's Danish DP Dan Laustsen, and talks lenses with American Made cinematographer César Charlone.

September 2017:
The Swirl Of Award Fever

In L.A., Mark London Williams focuses in on the works of Emmy nominees Paul Cameron ASC, Jim Frohna and James Hawkinson, looks at The Reel Thing film preservation conferences, and takes in some fascinating insights from Curtis Clark ASC.

August 2017:
The need to greet the future

This month from L.A., Mark London Williams never stops, as he catches up with Steven Poster ASC, takes in the opening of Canon Burbank, visits Robert Kulesh at Matthews and gets reaction to Keslow's latest acquisition.

July 2017:
The New Standard

This month from Hollywood, we get industry perspectives on where the trends and standards are heading for uses of cameras, lighting and lenses.