Across The Pond

Our exclusive monthly column from L.A on the latest developments in the industry

The Right Amount Of Grain

A lively period for Mark London Williams this past month, as he visits the former Eastman Kodak Building that now homes the Sim Group, muses on the outcome of the Engineering Emmys, and talks to another two "likelies" for award nomination - Rachel Morrison on Mudbound and Ed Lachman's Wonderstruck.

Invention and Re-invention

This month, Mark London Williams is on the road to talk to the president of Chapman/Leonard at their LA facility, on the Oscars trail speaking to The Shape Of Water's Danish DP Dan Laustsen, and talks lenses with American Made cinematographer C├ęsar Charlone.

The Swirl Of Award Fever

In L.A., Mark London Williams focuses in on the works of Emmy nominees Paul Cameron ASC, Jim Frohna and James Hawkinson, looks at The Reel Thing film preservation conferences, and takes in some fascinating insights from Curtis Clark ASC.

The need to greet the future

This month from L.A., Mark London Williams never stops, as he catches up with Steven Poster ASC, takes in the opening of Canon Burbank, visits Robert Kulesh at Matthews and gets reaction to Keslow's latest acquisition.

The New Standard

This month from Hollywood, we get industry perspectives on where the trends and standards are heading for uses of cameras, lighting and lenses.

Creating the old and the new

In the first of a new feature, Mark London Williams writes in from the USA to present British Cinematographer readers with a monthly perspective on all things gear and those using it.