Ernst Leitz Wetzlar releases cinematographer’s viewfinder Henri, designed for Leica’s SL2 camera

December 11, 2020

Henri consists of a newly designed support system for Leica’s SL2 camera, with a pivoting handle including integrated camera controls. By flipping in the handle, the system can be easily attached to a monopod or tripod plate.

The upgraded cine application of the new Leica SL2S camera, was the main trigger for optics manufacturer Leitz to collaborate on this project.

This new system is based on the unique knowledge and experience of Leica in camera development for professional users, combined with Leitz’s deep understanding of the cine lens market and the particular needs of its professional users worldwide.

The modular system allows the camera to be easily taken on and off with L-PL and L-LPL mounts available.

Weighing in at only 4 lb., Henri and the Leica SL2 Camera are a comfortable and practical ultra-lightweight solution for cinematographers and directors on set.

Henri is named after Dr. Henri Dumur, managing director of Ernst Leitz Optische Werke Wetzlar. With his character, his 60-year dedicated work and support for Leitz, he is to this day unforgotten and an exceedingly respected personality within the Leitz family.

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