AFC president extends a welcome to AFC Micro Salon 2016

February 29, 2016

Fluctuat nec mergitur, the Latin phrase meaning “Tossed but not sunk”, has been the motto of the city of Paris since 1358,” writes Nathalie Durand, president of the AFC. “Following the January 7th and November 13th attacks in 2015, it could also be equally applied to the AFC. Our society comprises 135 cinematographers and 64 associate members. It is a large vessel which continues to progress and maintains the privileged link between cinematographers and the ocean of active partners inside the French cinematographic industry. We continue to believe in a cinema that is rich in diversity, nestled in the open community – a cinema that helps thinking and keeps entertaining.

AFC Mico Salon ... always pulls in a good crowd
AFC Mico Salon … always pulls in a good crowd

“Along with our activities at Camerimage and the Cannes Film Festival, AFC Micro Salon is among our most important enterprises. The 16th annual Micro Salon takes place on 5-6 February at La Fémis, Paris, covering camera, lighting and grip equipment, plus picture and sound post-production, for professional filmmakers. Over 60 associate member companies will exhibit at the event, and on Saturday, 6 February, Iranian cinematographers of the IRSC will have Carte Blanche to present their association. The show will also pay tribute to Mahmoud Kalari, the renowned Iranian cinematographer of Gabbeh (1996), A Separation (2011) and The Past (2013), with screenings of his films and a masterclass to discuss his art and techniques.

“We want to showcase, to the entire world, the excellence and the vitality of French technical industries and French technicians, and you are invited.”

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