A Brand New International Film Event In Bristol – Cinema Rediscovered

Cinema Rediscovered (Thursday 28th – Sunday 31st July 2016), is a brand new international film event taking place in Bristol, UK and the surrounding region. Taking inspiration from the pioneering Il Cinema Ritrovato festival which took place recently in Bologna, Italy, Cinema Rediscovered celebrates great films back on the big screen, giving audiences an opportunity to discover – or indeed … Read more

Kodak acquires i-dallies as part of ongoing support to the film industry

Kodak’s ongoing commitment to the motion picture film industry is increasing as film production continues to grow and gain momentum. Film processing laboratories are an integral part of the motion picture imaging chain and the ability to offer creative choice to filmmakers is imperative to them. As part of Kodak’s continued support, Kodak has acquired … Read more

Chapman Wins 2016 Camerimage Lifetime Achievement Award

When asked in the 1990s by film critic Gene Siskel to name a shot or image from one of the movies he directed that could be treated as a calling card of his career up to that point, Martin Scorsese admitted that the opening title shot of Raging Bull may have such a force. The image of a lonely … Read more